SunnyPools provides a full range of projects necessary to build and legitimize your pool. The company works with an architect, designer, electrical and plumbing engineers with extensive experience in the design of water facilities that will ensure their quality and long life with low operating costs.


We offer a full range of construction and installation activities required so that your desired facility becomes a reality – excavation works, formwork, reinforcement, all specific assembly and finishing activities necessary for the smooth operation of your pool. Flexibility is our advantage - we can also work with a builder selected by the customer, providing full support for all joint activities.

The construction of your pool will be carried out by qualified personnel with long-term experience and commitment to quality of implementation, which will be engaged in the subsequent warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the facility.


The clean water in your pool comes as a result of a good sized filter installation and proper treatment with quality products. SunnyPools offers and delivers to your door a complete set of all necessary chemicals. The company is an importer of sanitizers for pools certified by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.

Maintenance and service

After your pool becomes a reality, the company will also be committed to the subsequent warranty and out-of-warranty service of the facility, as the time for response in case you report a problem is only a few hours.

Currently we provide full service of pools with a total volume of over 23,000 cubic meters.