About Us

SunnyPools is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders (Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria).

We know that you will make a survey of several companies offering pool/spa facilities.

Here are some good reasons why it is worth to consider selecting SunnyPools:

1. Full service. We are not only a company making pools and spa facilities.

We can take care of every aspect of the implementation of your idea. This will make life easier for you in the end, as each facility will be in full harmony with others.

2. Quality, fresh and useful solutions.

You will get a pool and/or spa facility whose design and functionality are harmonized in a unique way. Your facility will combine in itself durability, attractive look, and functionality. We love beautiful things and we want every single item to be executed ​​to perfection.

     3. Direct communication with the people working on the implementation of your facility.

     We are a company with a simple structure and we have no sales or technical directors, chief designers, warehouse managers or any other unnecessary people to communicate with each other. When you want to share a new idea, you will talk directly to the person who shall design and develop your facility. Direct communication is vital - and it ensures that you get the result you want.

     4. We are not traders and we provide sincere advice

      We do not have a sales department to make you choose the most expensive and sophisticated facilities we can offer. The people who will make you an offer will be the people coordinating the implementation of your facilities. When you send a request for a quotation, we will ask you about your specific needs, and will discuss the various options that meet your budget. The aim is to find the best facility complying with your special requirements / objectives.

      5. We are your partner, not just your spa facility company. 

      Working with you is far more enjoyable and productive than working for you. If you've never had a spa facility before, you will probably find the process of realization of your idea pretty complicated at the beginning. Our goal is to help you learn important things about the nature and operation of the facilities, so you can make an informed choice among different alternatives. Even if this means a one-hour phone conversation about the differences between an ordinary sauna and aroma sauna.

      6. For us it is important that you are completely satisfied with the result.

We are not just sellers of pools and spa facilities. It is a true pleasure for us to see how our work is better than the others, more durable, and how the investment returns faster, and witness our clients’ satisfaction after all. 
The easiest way to make future customers is by making the present ones happy - because we know that they will tell their friends, partners and relatives about us. Therefore you can be sure to get not just a pool/spa facility but a platform for fast return on your investment and pleasant environment where you can relax and enjoy life.